How Long Does Weed Last in Your Body?

When it comes to the question “how long does weed stay in your body?” there is a simple answer that can be found by the person interested in being educated about it.

After learning about marijuana last month, let”s go back and look at how it stays in the body and what we all have in common with this herb. Marijuana first enters the body through smoking it. Second, it is absorbed by the lungs via inhalation. The THC is then transported to the blood stream where it enters the bloodstream.

How Long Does Weed Stay Fresh?

Upon entering the blood stream, the THC passes out of the body through urine, sweat, vomit and feces. While marijuana is most absorbable by the small intestine, it can also be absorbed into the bladder and lungs as a result of coughing, smoking or eating it.

how long weed stay in system

Once ingested, marijuana passes quickly from the liver and is stored for a few hours before being eliminated through the urine. After being metabolized and excreted through the urine, marijuana then enters the colon, where it remains until the end of the day, at which time marijuana is eliminated through the feces.

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Now that you know how long does weed last in your body, what should you do if you are ever asked the question, “how long does weed last in your body?” You should be honest and not say anything. If you are asked the question, just say you”ve never heard the answer, and ask them why they would ask such a question.

That doesn”t mean you won”t try marijuana. You might just need a little more information than just what”s known about marijuana. If you ever want to know how long does weed last in your body, then you need to know all the facts about marijuana, including how it gets into your body and what it does once it is in there.

You also need to understand how your body works and how marijuana stays in your body, as well as how the THC stays in your system long after you have smoked it. This knowledge is important to everyone and can have a huge impact on your life.

Do you want to know how long does weed last in your body? If so, then you really need to know the information about marijuana and find out how it gets into your body and how it stays in there long after you have finished using it.